Bara Market Will Open for Business.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi historic Bara market open for business on 1st February and the return of tribes Sepah declared the date. They will bee start returning on 12 January. Bara current parliamentarian Alhaj Shah G Gull, MNA Nasir Khan, Senator FATA Haji Momeen Khan, former Minister Maulana Abdul Haq Qadri, ANP Provincial President Imran Afridi, elders and other regional Malkani attended the event.


At the event despite political differences Addressing the governor Bara Bazaar to meet the international border at Torkham Rs one billion text so board bag bypass road is being made not only to the Bara bazaar merchants on an international level Access will be possible only with the region’s economic development and business opportunities will also be available with Afghanistan and countries in Central Asia Will promote economic and business activities, he said Bara Bazaar is being modernized in the Town Center Family Park, the modern convenience of transportation, rescue and fire department will all the facilities available here In the first phase, which will cost 38 million .


On February announced the opening of the commercial center of Bara, he allowed business people to start business schools has declined to announce that we have to implement to promote the grip of four hundred to a modern industrial state, which has declared an independent board to run the leading manufacturer Haji Mohammad Shah Afridi, Alhaj Shah Jee Gul Haji Abdul Khaliq and MNA Nasir Khan for the success of the industrial zone in the area of ​​investment appeal against the new factory he added that progress in any field is a prerequisite for a lasting peace and to maintain lasting peace.


Make together to protect the region, addressing the governor security officers, administrative officers and officials and tribal elders tribute to their sacrifices and said that not only nationwide but also in Khyber Agency A calm and peace came back, he said, and out of our country to confront the enemy LEAs that this wave of terrorism is an international problem which was most affected Pakistani. FATA lakes and the troubles in the hands of the enemies of humanity will not get anywhere with our tribal people eat very sore and now we are very sad to three peace, development and prosperity and enemies bad intentions at all costs so that the befitting killing unrest, sectarian backwardness, poverty, ignorance and now our FATA does not get us to a bright and Future Tammany hy.


gurney lasting peace in the region, the dignified return of IDPs and Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said the government’s top priorities include the development of Khyber Agency in the past two years, 9.3 billion was spent on the IDPs return two billion has announced to the people of Bara khyber agency.