Rescue 1122 Service In Bara

In the start of 2016 the great news is start for the people of Bara Khyber Agency. This is a spacial announcement that Rescue 1122 Service will bee start his service In Bara Bazar.

On 01-01-2016 Senator FATA Haji Momen Khan and MNA Nasir Khan Meet with FATA ACS in FATA secretariat.

He talk about Bara Khyber Agency. He also said that Qom sepah

will bee go back to his home on 04-01-2016.

The Rescue 1122 will start his service from 04-01-2016. 2016. This is the great year for the future of Bara Khyber ageny.

The Bara bazar will bee official open from 04-01-2016 and all store will bee open like 8 9 year before. May Allah Make this year Great and peace full.

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