The history of Khyber: from appearance to modern activity

Khyber is a territory, namely a mountain passage in Northwest Pakistan, which is inhabited by the Afridi tribes. Since Khyber is a border territory, it was he who was a stop or road point when seasonal tribal migrations took place. But Kamer Khel, Sepah, Zakha Khel, Cumber Kleh are the most ancient tribal settlements of Khyber that today created their own community to solve a variety of problems.

Challenges for modern communities and their solutions

Previously, antiquity and rich culture were the keys to the success of a people or nationality. But today, in a modern and dynamic market, this is not enough. In all countries, it is management that plays the most important role. After all, each community needs to understand its weaknesses and strengths, develop them, attract additional funds and work on infrastructure.

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Virtual rooms for secure management and administration

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