Bara Bazar Reopening again on 23 Dec 2016.

Bara Khyber agency Which fall in hill from past 8 years and the people of bara khyber agency is face with thousand of problem but may be the time is come now. When bara bazar his been open again the happiness of bara khyber is come back and they all also start going on the track of the success

All you people know that government announce that on 23 Dec the bara khyber agency bazar will be reopen again.

Mehtab Ahmed Khan, a provincial governor has decided to open the historical bara bazar to the public from December 23. Political Agent Khyber Agency while talking to media said that area had been cleared of militants in the Khyber Agency and Peshawar market opening KPK governor formally.He said the Giving of markets and shops to the traders is being launched from tomorrow.all shops and markets concerned aurbarh formally allowed to work will be started. The bara khebr agency bazar his Closed due to the 2009 operation against the militants in Bara.

But we see this is not first time that why people of bara khyber agency is not satisfied from the news like that because this is not first time. Government announced news like that. That we will open the Bazar on following date but the date is not come in 8 year. But we must bee wait again that what happening now on 23 Dec